Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Water treatment
for electroplating plants

Detoxification, metal recovery, disposal systems

Surface finishing processes require water of different levels of quality and purity. When a water treatment system is available in-house, it can greatly simplify many processes. We design, make and install a new water treatment system for you or optimise your existing plant.

When water is used directly for the production of high-quality goods, it needs to meet stringent criteria. An internal water treatment plant supplies the necessary quantity and quality of water at optimised costs.

The engineers at Rauch GmbH are experts in the production routines and methods of surface finishing. They develop water treatment plants that are economical as well as ecological, streamlined and process-optimised. And they are also well-versed in repairing and upgrading your existing water systems.

Our water engineering services include:

  • installation and construction of water intake plants, mechanisms for demineralisation and deionisation systems
  • installation of demineralisation systems (osmosis, ion exchangers, evaporators)
  • waste water disposal systems
  • electroplating evaporators
  • production and installation of collection vats and containers
  • metal recovery systems
  • detoxification systems
  • evaporators to separate impurities and toxic substances
  • vaporisers to extract polluted residues
  • vaporisers used downstream of scrubbing and detoxification