Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Air intake and exhaust systems

made by qualified plastics fitters

Our air intake and exhaust systems have for many years been successfully used in electroplating production plants to extract the air from individual basins, refilling plants, chemical storage facilities, waste water evaporators and electric switchgear.

We make, deliver and install air intake and exhaust systems:

  • radial and axial fans: roof fans, wall fans and pipe fans
  • extraction and cleaning of polluted air from electroplating plants
  • complete air intake and exhaust pipelines made of plastic: PVC-U – PPs flame-resistant
  • delivery of exhaust air scrubbers and mist collectors
  • installation of sound absorbers and deflector hoods
  • use of heat exchangers

Tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers:

  • to comply with workplace limits
  • to comply with immission protection standards


We deliver angular and round air intake and exhaust ducts and accessories:

  • extraction hoods
  • deflector hoods
  • passages
  • flanges
  • exhaust air scrubbers
  • mist collectors
  • heat exchangers
  • exhausters
  • fire shutters