Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Accessories for electroplating and spare parts

Delivery, repair and installation of original parts or customised production.

We offer our expert advice to solve your problems. Our practical experience ensures that you will get the optimal product tailored exactly to your needs.
Our accessories are of superior quality.

Our list of accessories:

  • motors
  • pumps, magnetic rotary pumps, compressed air diaphragm pumps, drum pumps, filter pumps, dosing pumps
  • filters, filter plates, filter candles, filter bags, filter cloths
  • chamber filter presses, frame filter presses
  • heating systems, immersion heaters and boiling devices, clip-on and upright immersion heaters, corner radiators
  • 3D shifting of objects and all accessories
  • agitators, fans
  • evaporators and accessories
  • accessories for controls and instruments
  • control systems: electric and pneumatic
  • ventilation systems and components
  • weighted cords
  • ultrasonic flushing systems
  • plate holders, anodes, platinised titanium anodes, anode bags
  • frameholders, dovetails, clamps for frames
  • electroplating frames, drums, copper anodes and nickel anodes
  • pipes, fittings, ball valves
  • vats and tanks

You require accessories for electroplating and anodising systems?
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