Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Construction of prototypes and one-offs

Precision and quality in specimens

Many years of experience in the making of prototypes and preparation of plastics and metals guarantee a high level of quality for your specimens.

For your products, Rauch GmbH provides a one-stop service that covers everything from developing and constructing prototypes to getting them ready for serial production.
We furnish you with a satisfactory one-off product that shows all the required functionalities.

Our work to produce prototypes and specimens includes:

  • making frames for your specimens
  • plant-specific extensions
  • automation engineering
  • components obtained from the electronics industry
  • pneumatic components
  • holding fixtures
  • mechanical drives

We use the following materials for building prototypes:

All thermoplastics, including:
PVC, PP, PE, PA, PVDF, acrylic glass, POM, teflon, soft PVC, PETG and ECTFE

All metals, including:
special steel, titanium, brass, copper, iron, aluminium
Other metals on request

More than 40 years of experience in building prototypes, creating one-offs and small parts, and working with plastics and metals – these are the ideal prerequisites for making your specimens.
The superbly trained team at Rauch GmbH is ready to accept the greatest challenges.
We supply high-quality solutions quickly and off the beaten path.
Precision and quality are our foremost priority.