Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Shifting of goods, 3D and 2D

The three-dimensional shifting of pieces in an electroplating tank guarantees optimised layer distribution

Interesting facts regarding our three-dimensional shifter:

  • installation underneath the tank
  • dimensions: ca. 300 x 300 mm
  • length discretionary
  • 50 mm lift in each axis
  • each axis can be moved independently
  • replaceable plastic slide bearing bushings
  • dirt-resistant through dry run
  • low weight and low-noise operation


We supply:

  • shifter 12 V or 230 V, 24 rotations per minute, vertical, horizontal
  • geared motors for shifting
  • shifting motor
  • housing for shifting motor
  • dollies, also with lateral guide
  • guide rollers
  • tappets
  • cam plates