Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Pipes and pipelines

Plastic pipes with suitable joints for safe long-term operation.

Materials used: PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PE, PVDF.

Aggressive media in particular need to be contained in plastic pipes.
The type of synthetic material used depends on the medium to be transported.
The sections are joined by butt-welding, resistance-welding, socket welding or gluing.

Design and execution of:

  • waste water pipelines
  • water pipelines
  • chemicals pipelines
  • compressed air pipelines
  • plastic pipelines for exhaust and intake air systems

Installation of:

  • single and double pipes for outflow protection or with heating (freeze protection)
  • mounts for pipelines and valves
  • adaptations of and additions to existing systems
  • piping for process baths, receiver tanks, filter units and pumps
  • joining elements such as flanges, fittings, screw connections
  • pipe fittings, extensions, valves, gaskets

A specialist in plastics materials, Rauch GmbH is your competent partner for the safe transport of media in pipelines.
For over 40 years we have been designing, planning, delivering and installing pipes for electroplating baths as well as air intake and exhaust systems in line with all the applicable legal requirements.