Electroplating & Plant Engineering

About Us

Rauch GmbH – the Company

We have over 40 years of specialised know-how in electroplating engineering for:

  • plant design
  • plant construction
  • tank construction
  • plastic structures
  • vats
  • linings
  • electroplating frames
  • coatings
  • metal engineering

The surface quality of your products calls for experience and know-how in plant engineering.

We handle all synthetic materials, including:

We handle thermoplastics in line with the most up-to-date methods to ensure environmental friendliness.
Manufacturing and assembly are carried out by our highly trained and motivated team.

We handle metals, including:

iron, special steel (V2A, V4A, V8A), aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and combinations of them.

We supply and install:

  • turnkey electroplating plants
  • manual electroplating systems
  • small-scale automats
  • zinc-plating automats, mordant and polishing systems
  • shifting systems, including 3D
  • sampling systems for all electroplating processes
  • components and spare parts
  • process-controlled prototypes for electroplating and anodising plants
  • automated process control systems
  • ustomised machines for electroplating and surface finishing
  • ultrasound scouring and cleaning plants

Our customer-focused orientation makes us strong partners for all electroplating frames. We find solutions for your requirements with regard to functionality, economy and surface quality in:

  • sample frames
  • profile frames
  • rod frames
  • titanium frames
  • anodising frames
  • tipping frames
  • coating frames
  • drums

Thanks to our staff’s commitment to quality our products are marked by a superior level of craftsmanship. Ongoing staff training ensures state-of-the-art engineering know-how.

We only employ metalworkers and fitters trained in handling plastics as well as welders with TÜV certificates. Our staff are at your disposal for the assembly, repair and upgrading of your electroplating system.

Rauch GmbH is an expert operation certified under WHG 19 l, rbv and DVGW.