Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Electroplating and plant engineering

Welcome to Rauch GmbH,
Specialist and engineers for electroplating plants, container and pipeline construction.

Our engineering office for electroplating has extensive scientific and technical expertise.
Individual consultation and professional design for the implementation of specific requirements.
Rely on our expertise in the areas of plant, apparatus, Plastic construction, metal products, goods movements, electroplating accessories and rack and sample.
Our products and services include:

The Rauch GmbH based in Feldkirchen between Munich and Rosenheim operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. A look at our references reveals the diversity of our projects in electroplating. Under the category About you will learn the Engineering Services Peter Salwiczek and his team know in advance something better.

Please contact us for questions or quotations. We will be pleased to answer all your enquiries. Our engineering consultants can be contacted by telephone at +49 8063 20719-0 or by email at info@rauch-gmbh.com

Rauch GmbH

Certified specialist according to WHG 19 l, RBV and DVGW with an environmental certificate. 40 years Products & Services in electroplating and plant engineering. Precision and safety with qualified locksmiths and TÜV certified welders.

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Shop Accessories, components and spare parts for electroplating plants. We supply and manufacture galvanizing racks, pumps, motors, heaters, electroplating containers and much more.
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