Electroplating & Plant Engineering

We design and build electroplating plants
for surface finishing

Systems to anodise, chromium-plate, gild, copper-plate and nickel-plate surfaces
and components, including agitators, motors, immersion heaters and (3D) product shifters.

Rauch GmbH designs, manufactures and delivers customised products developed jointly with the customer:

  • turnkey electroplating systems
  • automated zinc-plating systems, mordant and polishing systems
  • sampling machines for electroplating
  • components for machines, spare parts, etc.
  • manual electroplating systems
  • small-scale automats
  • process-controlled prototypes for electroplating and anodising systems
  • controls for process automation
  • special machines for electroplating and surface finishing
  • ultrasound scouring and cleaning systems


We handle the following materials:

All thermoplastics incl. PVC, PP, PE, PVDF, ECTFE and PETG.
Metals including iron, special steel (V2A, V4A, V8A), aluminium, copper, brass, titanium
and combinations of the above.

We place:

  • drainage and high-pressure pipelines made of plastic and special steel
  • compressed-air pipelines
  • gridirons made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • intake and exhaust pipelines (e.g. PPS) and accessories

Disposal, recycling and official confirmations:

Our experienced team dismantles obsolete electroplating systems and provides for their proper disposal. We separate, decontaminate and neutralise the waste and handle the final inspection including obtaining official confirmations.

We are an expert operation pursuant to WHG 19 l, rbv and DVGW and have been an awarded an environmental certificate

We employ only qualified metalworkers and fitters for plastics and TÜV-certified welders. Our staff are at your disposal for the assembly, repair and upgrading of your electroplating system.