Electroplating & Plant Engineering

PVC coatings
for acid and corrosion protection

Plastic-coated electroplating frames, pickling baskets, tools and scrubbing baskets

In our capacity of experts in electroplating, we naturally also supply PVC coatings for all auxiliaries, components and frames.

A PVC coat guarantees resistance to almost all organic solvents, hot and cold aqueous solutions and many acids and lyes. The smooth surface is easy to clean, which facilitates retooling. In combination with its electroplating frames, Rauch GmbH offers a quick and flexible service for finishing works.


Plastic coatings for almost all materials

The basic material to protect surfaces from corrosion is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in green and grey. This material offers:

  • protection from acids and lyes
  • shockproofing and edge protection
  • insulation against electricity, heat and cold

PVC coatings are available for all finished parts and:

  • electroplating frames
  • tool handles
  • pickling baskets, goods baskets and scrubbing baskets
  • mounts, holders, carriersconveyor belts and tappets
  • suspensions and false floors
  • shelves
  • testing equipment

PVC stripping is just as important as coating:

Rauch GmbH removes defective or spent PVC coats by chemical stripping with or without thermal exposure, after which the product can be recoated.