Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Assembly and dismantling
for all aspects of electroplating

We install and dismantle

Electroplating requires high accuracy in the assembly of components

Rauch GmbH designs, constructs and installs all plant parts with the requisite expertise, deploying qualified staff and specialised equipment to assemble and repair electroplating equipment.

We carry out expert assembly work on:

  • electroplating plants, manually operated electroplating systems as well as semi-automated and fully automated equipment
  • extensions of existing plants
  • water treatment plants, including ion exchangers, osmosis systems and waste water treatment systems
  • evaporators and metal recovery systems
  • sedimentation and floatation systems
  • neutralisation and detoxification systems
  • air intake and exhaust systems, bath water extraction systems
  • pipelines made of PP, PPS, PVC, PE, PVDF
  • repair, maintenance and cleaning of electroplating plants and components

We carry out the dismantling of:

electroplating plants and parts which are taken down as well as properly disposed of by the experienced Rauch GmbH team.

We dispose of dismantled material by:

  • waste separation
  • decontamination
  • neutralisation
  • final examination
  • approval by competent government authority