Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Construction of plastic containers: electroplating tanks,
vats, inliners, claddings

Your partner for designing, manufacturing and assembling
plastic containers and plant components

We are experts in the production of plastic containers and tanks:

  • customised angular and round plastic containers
  • plastic surge tanks
  • plastic collection tanks
  • inliners made of PP, PVDF and PVC
  • plastic components
  • laboratory tables and desks
  • hoods and fume chambers
  • repair of plants and components
  • electroplating accessories
  • intake and exhaust air systems


We handle the following plastic materials as and when required by customers:

All thermoplastics, such as

  • PVC - Polyvinylchlorid
  • PP - Polypropylen
  • PE - Polyethylen
  • PVDF - Polyvinylidenfluorid
  • PETG - Polyethylenterephthalat Glycol
  • ECTFE - Ethylene ChloroTriFluoroEthylene
  • PA - Polyamid
  • PC - Polycarbonat
  • POM - Polyoxymethylen
  • PMMA - Plexiglas-Polymethylmethacrylat
  • PTFE - Teflon-Polytetrafluorethylen

and others.

All plastics works are carried out by our skilled and experienced team of qualified plastics fitters and TÜV-certified welders.

We make electroplating containers and tanks, vats and plastic components, if required on site, using state-of-the-art processes and in accordance with environmental criteria.

Our scope of delivery includes plastic pipes, plastic welds and PVC coatings.