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snowcontrol systems

Snow scales improve stability of buildings by exactly measuring the snow load on a roof

  • Monitoring of the snow load/weight
  • Self-sustained energy supply from a solar panel
  • Safety through a precise snow load alarm system
  • Automatic alert by text message and e-mail
  • Greater building safety through prompt action

The snow control system checks the load sustained by a roof from snow, wet snow and ice. Once a discretionary limit has been reached, the system automatically sends an alert by a text message so that countermeasures can be taken in good time.

Installation of the snow control system:

  • no interference with the roof structure
  • no installation work
  • no structural changes
  • no heating
  • no wiring

You can easily access your snow control system by internet, which enables you to check and display the current snow load situation.
The data are displayed as a diagram that includes further information and analysis options.
The snow control system can be accessed from everywhere.
It shows the weight, date and time, and temperature by way of a diagram.
Display periods can be set from one day to several months.
All data are available as tables.

Building safety:

  • full monitoring of the snow load by internet
  • alerting level freely adjustable
  • alert by text message
  • central monitoring, also when several devices are linked
  • display as a diagram on all web-enabled devices
  • alerting with detailed action guidelines

The snow control system that exactly measures the snow load on the roof. The system checks the load in adjustable intervals, acting as an effective alert to protect people and buildings. Snow control systems are scales that check the snow load in order to improve the building’s safety.

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