Electroplating & Plant Engineering

Electroplating frames,
frames for surface finishing

Our frames are of top-level quality and craftsmanship

We adhere to stringent criteria when it comes to functionality, economy and quality. Our construction department is in charge of designing and producing sample frames.

We supply frames customised to your requirements, fitted with auxiliary anodes, replaceable contacts and movable crossmembers. Our focus is on what our customers actually need, making us your partner for all frames, whether for one-off pieces, small or large series, including:

  • profile frames
  • rod frames
  • titanium frames
  • anodising frames
  • pc boards frames
  • enamelling frames
  • magnetic frames
  • tipping frames
  • internal anodes
  • baskets

We supply frames for burnishing, electropolishing, enamelling, platinising, gilding, copper-plating, nickel-plating, silver-plating, zinc-plating, tin-plating, etc. Our frames are always made from superior-quality materials, including top-grade steel, brass, aluminium and titanium.


Rauch GmbH produces frames specially customised to your requirements:

  • aluminium frames
  • special steel frames (V2A, V4A, V8A)
  • iron frames
  • titanium frames
  • plastic-coated frames
  • frames with + and – feeds for internal anodes

and frames made from combinations of the above.
All designs are fitted with heads which are adjusted specifically to your plant.

Repairing damaged frames:

  • removal of coating
  • replacement of defective parts
  • new coating if and as required